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Peace by Peace was developed by a Registered Nurse to help bridge a gap for the growing number of people who suffer with chronic ailments that are not improving with traditional medicine alone.  We at Peace by Peace want to spread the word to anyone who wants to feel better and live fuller..... Massage therapy is not a luxury!!!  Massage, when performed by a qualified practitioner, is a highly effective adjunctive treatment for multiple health conditions.  Massage has been proven to reduce tension and stress, decrease pain, increase circulation, increase waste excretion, improve range of motion, speed recovery after workouts, ease pain and promote faster healing after surgery, increase immune function, decrease swelling,  improve mental state, and so much more.  None of these benefits are a luxury!   Massage therapy is truly an investment into your inner beauty, not the superficial layer we focus on.  We want to help you peel back the next layer to achieve true wellness and health.

Each of the therapists at our sanctuary have their own area of expertise so we may help a larger spectrum of people in need.   We will work to custom fit you with the right practitioner so you will get your specific needs met. There is no room for mediocrity at Peace by Peace.  We are a small quality based retreat, staffed with only the best therapists, with exceptional knowledge and skillsets.  If you are looking for a therapist who started their career to help others improve their quality of life, you have found us.    



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OWNER/Massage Therapist

Jane Cochran

Jane Cochran is a Registered Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist, and owner of Peace by Peace Massage LLC.  Jane was inspired to provide an adjunctive service in the Lafayette community after seeing many people suffer with pain and limited quality of life with minimal improvements from traditional medicine.  She met Yon Gammara in the fall of 2016 and acheived tremendous results from his customized Lymphatic Massages.  "I had a major surgery and was unable to get rid of extensive swelling.  I wore my compression hose, took my prescribed medicine, elevated my legs, etc.  Nothing helped.  Yon did two lymph massages and I took off 19 lbs of fluid in a 3 day period.  It was amazing to me as a nurse that such a common problem that is treated with medication and dietary alterations, is frequently caused by a damaged or stagnant lymphatic system. A diuretic does not help that.  Using a medication to force the kidneys to pull off more fluids was not what my body needed.  I needed my entire lymph system to be manually drained. I was sold."

Jane practiced massage prior to starting her nursing career and in 2017 made the decision to return to massage therapy.  Her twelve years of emergency room experience have given her expert level knowledge of chronic and acute illness.  Jane excels at pediatric/infant massage, and focused problem massage therapy to treat migraines, sinus pain, carpel tunnel, sciatica, and more.



Saint Elizabeth School of Nursing, 2005

Massage Therapy Clinic of Bloomington, 1998 


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Lead Therapist

Yon Gamarra

Yon Gamarra has been providing clients with his extensive knowledge in massage and bodyworks for the Lafayette area for the last 15 years. His education, experience, and intuition make a massage with Yon an experience to remember.  Yon is trained in both his native county of Spain, as well as in the USA. This diverse training contributes to his vast knowledge and ability to customized a massage specifically made for you.  Yon is proficient in many massage techniques and modalities and has advanced training in oncology, lymphatic, prenatal, geriatric, and deep tissue.  Yon's custom massages often include the use of hot stones, infrared therapy, aromatherapy, and cupping when needed.



Escuela Espanola de Quiromasage del Doctor Ferrandiz in Barcelona, Spain

Indiana College of Bodywork Modalities Indianapolis, Indiana


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