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Prenatal massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. Massage can ease the additional strain on the mothers body by improving circulation and decreasing her stress level.  The gentle, noninvasive approach of prenatal massage can ease discomfort associated with pregnancy and help prepare the mother for labor and delivery.

Pre-Op Patients

Surgery can evoke strong feelings of anxiety and tension.  Massage therapy can lesson a person's anxiety toward surgery and lowers the patient's expectations for pain. The lowering of stress promotes a general sense of well-being that enhances the patient's ability to heal quicker and with fewer complications.


Athletes are known for taking proper care of their bodies.  Most eat right, exercise frequently, and get adequate rest.  Why would someone who already treats their body as a temple need massage?  Because the more our bodies undergo stress and strain the more we need to balance that out with kindness and rest.  Massage therapy can help take the athlete to the next level of performance by decreasing down time between workouts and decreasing rate of injury.  When a person does sustained muscle contraction or repetitive exercise, the body produces waste in response to not getting enough oxygen.  This is a natural part of rigorous exercise but the result can be muscle soreness, fatigue, and slowed performance.  A massage therapist can accelerate the bodys ability to move these metabolic products out of the muscle to be excreted.  The massage therapist also warms the muscles and joints for the athlete increasing their range of motion, flexibility, and decreasing their change of injury.  If you are looking to get to the next level of athletic performance call us today!!


Pre-mature Babies and infants

Preterm infants can face large obstacles as they start out in the world, smaller and less developed than their full term counterparts. Licensed massage therapists can help soothe the daily discomforts of these tiny frames, and in some cases increase weight gain and decrease time spent in the NICU. 

In healthy full-term infants, massage therapy can relieve common discomforts such as colic, gas, and constipation. Massage also promotes relaxation of the nervous system helping the baby sleep more restfully.

Post-op Patients

Surgery is a common occurrence most people will experience at one time or another in their life.   We tend to think because surgery is in a controlled environment, it is less traumatic than an injury occurring outside of the hospital.  For this and many other reasons, patients are often unprepared for the amount of pain they have post-op.   Recovering from surgery is difficult for many and often times pain goes uncontrolled.  The most common treatment for post-op pain is the use of narcotic pain medicines.  These medications can certainly help decrease the brains interpretation of pain but come with some unpleasant side effects.  Massage therapy improves the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body.  This increased tissue perfusion promotes Improved oxygenation of the body's tissues and organs while concurrently facilitates more waste removal.  This is very beneficial after surgery as most procedures include some level of injury to tissues which can leave behind a large amount of fluids, blood and metabolic waste.  Helping the body reduce this build up can alleviate swelling, stiffness, and associated pain post-operatively.  

Chronic Pain & Migraines


Massage can give people who suffer from chronic pain a much needed break from their suffering.  Chronic pain is difficult for patients to live with and physicians are limited with the  treatments available.    Massage has been shown to give effective temporary relief of symptoms of chronic pain.  If the issue causing pain is postural or musculo-skeletal in nature, massage can give longer lasting pain relief.  Massage also triggers the release of natural painkillers in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin. 

Tension headaches and migraine headachesare often caused by neck muscles being over used and tight.  Many headache sufferers find that manual therapies such as massage offer relief from headache pain and related symptoms. Because massage therapy relaxes tense muscles, relieves muscle spasms, improves blood flow and aids relaxation, it can be helpful for relieving the pain of both tension and vascular headaches.


Children need nurturing touch to thrive throughout each phase of growth.  Massage has been shown to improve restful sleep, reduce the effects of stress, and alleviate growing pains. Case studies report the benefits of massage for children include improved concentration and decreased aggression.  Nurturing touch is essential for helping children develop into well-adjusted adults, and massage offers a great way to provide that touch. Massage therapy also provides comfort, relaxation, and symptomatic relief from chronic conditions such as asthma, nausea, constipation, and chronic muscle aches.

the Autism Spectrum

 Researchers have found that children with autism spectrum disorders display less associated behaviors after massage therapy.  Children appeared to be less anxious allowing for greater interaction after their session.  Pediatric massage appears to promote relaxation, reduce stress reactions, and calm muscle spasms. Over time, the child typically becomes more accustomed to tactile stimulation and may become desensitized to human touch.  Having regular massage as an intervention of autism can be associated with reducing inattentiveness, touch aversion, and social withdrawal. Many children with autism spectrum disorders also experience sleep disturbances. By incorporating massage therapy into daily routines, children with autism can experience improved sleep patterns, which is beneficial to parent and child.  


Massage is a non-invasive, enjoyable way to help alleviate the symptoms of many age-related diseases and improve a person's quality of life.  Massage can help people maintain their range of motion in joints and sustain or improve mobility by providing increased circulation to tissues and relieving pain associated with activity.  Many elderly patients are unable to take prescription pain medicines as the aging client does not always excrete the medication appropriately and can cause a dangerous build up of the medicine in the body.  This leaves a large population of people that feel they have no choice but to suffer. This is not the case!  Massage therapy is a viable option for pain reduction and increased mobility in geriatric clientele.